Jul 24 -


Seniors, as you begin to write your college essays, go outside and get inspired. Your essay topic should make you feel vulnerable. When you write it, find a place that inspires you. Take in all the beauty around you. Feed your soul.

Then… start writing.

"What should I write about?" is the most common question I am getting these days. My students have been accepted in over 300 colleges (maybe more) including all the top 25 colleges. What have they written about? Do you really want to know? THEY HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT EVERYTHING.

I have read essays about dreams (literally), experiences, incidents, coincidences, likes (a students love for coffee, for example), crazy parents (not literally, yet…), getting lost, being found….

So, stop reading other people’s essays. I find that most of the time this is detrimental to you sanity and essay.

If you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find the right topic, go outside. Go to your favorite place. Feel at peace… and like I said at the beginning, THEN… only then, WRITE.




Follow me on my quest to seek inner peace, continue mentoring youth and guide students through the college admissions process. I hope to inspire you (teen, parent and citizen of this world) to tap into your infinite potential and live a life of gratitude, success and sweet sweet LOVE.

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